AI & Machine Learning

Data Intelligence and Automation

Ingestion & Preparation

  • Scalable batch & streaming ingestion
  • Visual data flow editing and provenance
  • Monitor feed health in real time
  • Search metadata, lineage & stats

Discovery & Visualization

  • Full-text, faceted & geospatial search
  • Real-time, drag & drop dashboards
  • Interactive time series analysis
  • Dataset ingestion & governance
  • Build, share & annotate dashboards

Modeling & Experimentation

  • Machine Learning & Data Mining
  • Train & debug on CPU’s & GPU’s
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Performant machine learning at scale

Model Productization

  • Auto-test & deploy machine learning
  • Reusable & versioned model store
  • PyTorch, TensorFlow, R, Spark, Scikit


  • Portal & Single Sign on
  • Container Orchestration
  • Live Monitoring
  • Authentication, Authorization, Audit

Product Benefits

Benefits How
Reducing cost and time for developing & deployments of ML/AI services Integrated services all the way from functions and analytics engines to the data layer resulting in much less devops and reduce barriers for customers to implement their DS projects, and later convert them in a quick process to be in production
Enable real time use cases The combination of a low latency & scaled event driven Serverless with high performance data layer enables real time feature vector and model serving
Running training at scale Customers can take models that were written via different tools and run it at scale either as Spark, python framework or deep learning jobs
Open Enable users to work with their favorite tools on iguazio or outside iguazio. Among others, enables full python eco-system at scale
Run everywhere Support multi-cloud, customer VPC & On-Prem
End to end platform Provide solution for both data science model development and ML application deployment