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Web Developemnt & Ecommerce Solution

We provides the best quality Web Development & Ecommerce solution without any down payment and for affordable pricing!

SEO & Digital Marketing

Professional UK agency offering honest, bespoke, multi-channel digital marketing services to a range of small and large private and public companies.

Design & Editing Services

Providing professional design services. We offer graphic designing, logo designing, website design, video editing, animation, 3d modeling, flyer designing, card designing and brochure designing.

Mobile App Development

Our comprehensive mobile design and development expertise allows us to compose the right team for you and deliver an outstanding product. Developing responsive, scalable, and secure mobile applications to solve your business problems


We always try to understand
customers expectatioin

Strategic Vision

Explore & Testing


Grow & Scale

Strategic Vision

Before you start working on the thing, make sure it’s the right thing. We work with our clients to evaluate ideas, prioritise goals and turn them into a strategic roadmap for sustainable success.

Strategy Workshops

User Research

Stakeholder Mapping

Outcome Workshops

Customer Journey Mapping

Success Vision

Explore & Testing

Ensuring that the concept works with real users is a vital part of sustainable digital product development. We ensure we’re building a thoughtful and delightful experience that solves real user problems early on in the process – apposed to after completing it.

Product Design Sprints

Discovery Workshop


User Research

Competitor Analysis

Beta Testing


Our development team builds cutting-edge solutions using the latest technology for mobile, web, and IoT. We use modern, agile principles for development and run rigorous testing to ensure the service is reliable.

Weekly, collaborative iterations allow us to deliver swiftly, adjusting to feedback as we go.

iOS & Android Development

eCommerce Development

Web App Development

Video Animation

Website Design

User Interface Design

Quality Assurance

Flyer designing

Grow & Scale

As you grow, we’ll help you make data-driven decisions that will unlock new opportunities. This may involve increasing the impact you have on existing users or opening it up to new ones.

Maintenance & Support

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Marketing Plan

User Analytics

Market Analysis

Growth Reporting



Get a stunning site with our responsive website design services

Whether you’re looking to transfer your existing site to a responsive design or upgrade your website to a brand-new responsive design, WebFX offers the experience and resources needed.

With our award-winning design and development team, we’re the preferred choice of small-to-midsized businesses looking to launch a responsive site.

Use our responsive website design services to make your site accessible across every device. From smartphones to laptops to tablets, a responsive design allows your business to reach everyone in your target market.

Pricing Starts From £500

Get ready to launch your responsive site by contacting us online or calling us at Phone here to speak with a seasoned strategist about our responsive website development services.

Learn More About Our Sevices

Elegant ecommerce solutions, even for the most intricate requirements

We offer custom ecommerce website development services and can create any universal and unique features needed for smooth customer journeys. Whatever business or technology model you have, we offer just the right expertise to do the job flawlessly.

Create Unmatched Experience with New-Age Techs

Technology evolution goes hand in hand with the growth of consumer expectations. By employing such cool technologies as AR, AI, IoT or blockchain, we build non-trivial ecommerce solutions and add excitement and extra comfort to the experience of your customers.

Search Engine Ready

Great looking websites with amazing performance won't do you much good if visitors can't find you.

We prioritize search engine results dilligently with every design decision we make.

Custom Features

We develop e-commerce websites from the ground up and have the ability to integrate any features and changes that you need.

Let our programming and marketing experience help your website business reach it's full potential

Secure Payments

Too many developers mistakenly treat security as an afterthought, at Argent we take it very seriously.

When you trust your e-commerce website's security & compliance to us, you can focus on areas of your business that means the most: Your customers.

Pricing Starts From £700

Get ready to launch your custom designed ecommerce website by contacting us online or calling us at Phone here to speak with a seasoned strategist about our custom designed ecommerce website development services.

We build web apps for efficient management of different business activities

The Scope of Our Web App Development Services

Comprehensive Market Analysis

In-depth analysis of the customer requirements, market preferences and competitor’s app to design superlative web application. Perfect exploration of digital market necessities is imperative to define the right functionalities fulfilling the potential customer needs.

Planning of Web Application

A dedicated development team under the supervision of an expert project manager formulates an action plan to develop a web app. Meetings are held to plan the project as per the client's requirements, eventually augmenting the app’s effectiveness.

Creation of App Design

UX/UI designing plays a significant role in the appearance of a web application. Finalization of incredible design is essential to deliver the best user experience. Angelify's incredible team of designers and developers work mutually to offer innovative web application development services.

Front-end and Back-end Development

We are a hub of competent developers working tirelessly to provide brilliant web app development services for the achievement of customer satisfaction and trust. Web app development process is being performed utilizing the efficient agile methodology.

QA and Software Testing

Testing of web applications is conducted on a consistent basis to detect errors in the early stages of development. The web application development process moves towards the launching stage after the completion of software quality assurance and testing.

Deployment and Maintenance

This is the post-launch stage involving the monitoring and further development of web applications based upon customer feedback. Improvement should be done to attract the target audience and augment the customer base for the success of web applications.

Quality and Experience that Drive Global Brands

Mobile app development services are aimed at building iOS & Android applications that effectively complement or substitute web solutions. Having delivered 70+ mobile app development projects so far, Angelify ensures app success by delivering striking UI, secure app code, and resilient back ends.

Our team of mobile app developers is capable of creating apps for multiple-platforms like iOS, Android and cross-platform solutions in Flutter, React Native & Ionic. Being one of the top-rated mobile application development companies, we have expertise in developing mobile app development solutions to meet your business requirements.

Pricing Starts From £700

Cloud App Development

Cloud app development implies building apps that run in the cloud and may leverage cloud features and services offered by cloud vendors. Angelify quickly and reliably delivers cloud-native and cloud-only apps that efficiently employ all cloud capabilities.

We provides end-to-end services to cover all aspects of cloud application implementation — cloud app consulting, cloud app development and testing, cloud app security services, cloud app integration with other cloud and on-premises apps, cloud app infrastructure management.

How We Build Our Cloud Apps

Scalable and portable apps

We split an application into services/microservices and get them containerized to help you minimize downtimes caused by application overload or migration.

Modifiable and compatible cloud apps

We leverage layered architecture, clear separation of concerns (SoC), standardized and well-documented APIs, etc., to make cloud apps easily adopt updates (e.g., conceptual changes, new features) and integrate with other applications.

Resilient cloud apps

We use hierarchies of services, message queues, dynamic scaling and automated recovery, etc., to eliminate the possibility of app failure escalation.

Secure cloud apps

  • Integrated security at every stage of the cloud app development life cycle.
  • Secure code repositories and build-management programs.
  • Security incorporated into deployment tools and the release pipeline.
  • Strong data encryption and SSL, reduction of serverless permissions, enforced authentication, the use of a cloud provider’s controls, comprehensive logging and monitoring of events and requests sent from external APIs.

Cost-efficient cloud apps

We select the right cloud services for minimized efforts, timelines and costs to develop and operate an application.

Search Engine Optimzation

SEO service that converts visitors into customers

We are the best SEO Service provider, enabling businesses to achieve higher rankings, organic traffic growth, and significant investment returns. We offer economical yet efficient SEO packages and help companies attain higher revenues. Why waste valuable dollars on an SEO service which doesn’t give you the results that matter and drive conversions? With Angelify, the best SEO agency in UK, you are guaranteed to receive measurable results and the best SEO packages. We are known as one of the best SEO companies and SEO consultants because of our excellent track record of working with various clients to help them attract leads and organic traffic to their website with our SEO Service.

Our Process

On-Page Optimization

Have a website that is focused on user friendly but at the same time it’s well optimized for search engines.

Content Strategy

Creating a content that get’s people talking and sharing is a key to ranking on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

SEO Strategy

It’s important to have a SEO plan, with it we can set the right goals for your business and accomplish them easily

Website Structure

It’s important to have a better website structure. Search engines love websites that are structured well and fast!

Link Building

Still one of the most important signs of ranking factors, we focus on quality link building to achieve amazing results.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization will get you seen by thousands of local customers looking for your business online

User Experience

Create an amazing user experience and search engines will reward you by placing your website very highly in searches

Creating Buzz

Creating a buzz that will have a great impact on your business will help your website with ranking and trust with search engines

Business Reviews

Increase your business revenue by more than 50% simply because you have more reviews then your competitors

Pricing Starts From £200/m

Digital Marketing

Integrated And Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Partnering with our social media team can direct your brand to the path of success. We offer you social media consultation to reach your targeted audience and expand your business in the right manner. Get the right guidance on social media marketing from our capable and expert marketers.

Integral Steps Of Our Digital Marketing Plan


Like in every process, planning is the backbone of our digital marketing plan. We keep every small and minute detail in mind that is related to your brand to come up with the best strategies. Our expert marketing planners and creators are capable enough to perform the task planning.

Content creation

Creating content is one of the most important aspects of marketing. From videos to blogs, we create all the marketing content with the help of our exceptional and highly creative marketing team. They research deeply to understand the audience and create content that can generate leads for your brand.


After planning and creating the content; the implementation and execution of our plan is an extremely important step in digital marketing. We pull out all the stops to make sure that our marketing plan is implemented properly on all social and digital media platforms.

Pricing Starts From £200/m

Graphic Designing

We create engaging content and meaningful experience for your target audience

We have a team of professional designers who possess experience and expertise in creating eye-catching designs for your brand. As a leading graphic design agency, we put our utmost efforts in making all designs unique and attractive. Our experienced team is capable of managing complex and complicated projects effectively and efficiently. You can share your customized design requirements, and our expert team will make a spectacular design of your vision.

Our Process


Our dedicated team starts workig on ideas to deliver perfection from the very begining. Any design that comes to your mind is doable with our expertise using modern art techniques & excellent craftsmanship.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and moving to the drafting phase we create a prototype for you in the shape of mockups and 3D rotatory views. This helps us polish the idea exactly the way you need it.


This is the most crucial phase with hours of hard work and determination put into making your project a huge success.


We ensure quality through a series of steps so that we can deliver the utmost perfection & and winning product at the end.

Our Services

  • Illustrations

  • Logo Design

  • Icon Design

  • Motion Graphics & Animations

  • Video Editing

  • Website Designing

  • Complete Branding Design

  • Business Card Designing

  • Label Designing

  • Flyer Designing

Pricing Starts From £50/m

Top Experts



We provide both platform-based and custom banking software that serves the needs of retail and corporate banking


We provide hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and other organizations with task-driven services to help them reduce readmissions, protect PHI, balance costs and improve outcomes.


We help retail and consumer goods industry players live up to their customers’ expectations through technology. With over 10 years of experience.

Transportation, and Logistics

We help T&L companies streamline and reduce costs of logistics operations, enhance asset efficiency, and improve customer experience.


We prototype, develop and deploy custom ed-tech and e-learning solutions for educational institutions as well as corporate training applications for private and public organizations.

Success Stories

Our Case Studies

Expedia Group Increases Agility and Resiliency by Going All In on AWS

Expedia Group is all in on AWS, with plans to migrate 80 percent of its mission-critical apps from its on-premises data centers to the cloud in the next two to three years. By using AWS, Expedia Group has become more resilient. Expedia Group’s developers have been able to innovate faster while saving the company millions of dollars. Expedia Group provides travel-booking services across its flagship site Expedia.com and about 200 other travel-booking sites around the world.

One of our metrics for success is the reduction of time to deploy within our teams. We use this method to launch applications pretty quickly compared to a traditional deployment. Moreover, reducing the cost of a rollback to zero means we can be fearless with deployments.”

How Intuit Uses Amazon SageMaker to Manage Machine Learning at Scale

Nhung Ho, head of data science at Intuit Quickbooks, discusses how the financial and tax-preparation software company uses AWS to better serve its customers. Intuit is all in on AWS and uses Amazon SageMaker to train its machine-learning models quickly and at scale, cutting the time needed to deploy the models by 90 percent.

“Using Amazon RDS for MySQL, we no longer need to spend time and money tuning IOPS to get strong database performance. By being in the cloud, we don’t need to worry about hardware acquisition costs. Ultimately, we have reduced our costs by 25%."

Sean McCluskey
Director of Application Development and Cloud Operations